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Qubix is an app that revolutionizes game development and ownership in web3. It is an innovative platform where users craft games using intuitive drag-and-drop tools, and publish as a farcaster frame


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Project Description

Qubix is a tool that transforms the landscape of game creation, distribution, and ownership through the power of web3. Aimed at democratizing the gaming industry, it provides an accessible, user-friendly environment where anyone can become a game creator without needing to code. Through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Qubix empowers users to bring their game ideas to life and mint these games as unique NFTs, paving the way for new forms of value and ownership in the digital realm.

But Qubix goes beyond game creation. It serves as a vibrant web3 social platform where creators can monetize their games by offering them for free or setting a price, directly engaging with a community of enthusiastic players. This model not only rewards creativity and innovation but also fosters a thriving ecosystem where games are more than just entertainment—they're assets, collectibles, and a means of connection.

How it's Made

Quibix was built using Typescript, NextJs, and Dynamic Wallet SDK. It uses frames.js to generate frames from users' input and publish them to vercel.

It also supports game preview and game minting. Game makers to build games without needing to write code. They can drag and drop parts to make their games, and our system turns those actions into the real code that powers their game. This way, anyone can be a game creator, bringing their ideas to life and sharing them with the world as unique digital treasures.

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