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An AI-Driven Wealth Manager for web3, designed to simplify investing, maximize returns and minimize risk. With QuantWealth, both individual consumers and financial institutions can invest in Web3 effortlessly, even with zero crypto knowledge.


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Project Description

Modular Connections: QuantWealth establishes modular connections with all potential investment options, including lending, borrowing, staking, syndicates, and others.

Strategy Selection: Medley, an advanced multi-model AI, creates real-time risk profiles for each investment. It generates strategic intent buckets based on the user's preferences and requirements.

User Engagement: Users can subscribe to AI-generated strategies, create custom strategies, or join a strategy from a top-performing investor (degen) with a single click.

Strategy Execution: Once a user subscribes to a strategy, it is executed on-chain at set intervals via Wing (an AI model). Wing ensures that no losses occur due to live market impacts.

Real-Time Monitoring: For all active investments, Guardian continuously monitors them in real-time, ensuring both realized and unrealized P&L (Profit and Loss) are tracked and managed effectively.

How it's Made

Quantwealth uses account abstraction to onboard users, and with AI models included in architecture like medley, wing and guardian it is able to curate, create and protect the investments. From integration with all possible dapps to curating data directly via node it has been wide range of partner technologies.

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