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public arts are public goods. can we fund artists and musicians.


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I have worked as an artist and in the arts for the past ten years, ive started galleries and community studios, help setup recording studios, organised festivals and gigs. Theres a lot of distrust between people working in the arts and the arts council, which is the main source of funding in the uk for artists. The organisation is fairly opaque and seems to collude to mainly support its friends. The funding isnt fairly distributed across the country and favours people living in London in particular. Alongside this the general public seems frustrated with what art the money is spent on, and artists frustrated they cant get a grant without finding a patron to match fund their applications, and they arent allowed to replace this with crowdfunding so it becomes funding for only a small group of people.

I want to start a new arts council for funding public art.

I think quadratic funding could be a good fit here for representation of popular art and passionate niche projects.

The plan is to make a site and dao where artists can apply for funding and generate the match funding from sales from donated nfts or something like that. Theres a lot to do.

How it's Made

So far i have been playing around with ethers + vuejs, to get to grips with the basics.

I have been successfully resolving ens domains (via ethers), and checking addresses are valid to be added as voter/recipients.

I also started learning vyper but the voting contracts are a little complex for me yet, ill get there soon tm.

I have taken the hackathon time to mainly learn about sybil-resistance, maci, zk-things. I am very pleased with this as i have a much better understanding of these now. I feel like i understand the problems that need work to bring quadratic funding on chain safely, and am more aware of other projects doing this.

Generally i am pretty pleased with what i've learnt, id liked to have done more, but theres always time.

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