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The PROOF! is in the checklist. Incentivized web3 enabled checklists and attestations for real-world individual and enterprise application in nearly any domain.


Created At

ETHGlobal Waterloo

Winner of


🥉 NEAR — Best Use of BOS


🏊 The Graph — Pool Prize

Project Description

PROOF! provides an application that helps incentive task completion and goal achievement by individuals and enterprises using web 3. Tailored to the situation, individuals or enterprises create checklists to guide themselves or their employees to complete certain tasks within a customized timeframe. A flexible system of checklists and attestations has wide potential for use in many domains, extended ad enabled by web 3 features including incentivization, verifiable attestations, and real-time data. PROOF! combines these ideas to modernize checklist creation and completion enabling individuals and enterprises to digitalize and modernize workflows , create engaging experiences and challenges, and optimize goal achievement.

PROOF's workflow generally consists of an individual or organization creating a checklist that serves their requirement. These checklists can be assigned to individuals and/or members of an organization and cloned/updated as needed. For example, an enterprise may create a checklist and assign it to new hires to facilitate onboarding. Each checklist can have an unlimited number of checklist items and each item can require attestation by authorized attestors (or not). Where no authorized attestors are provided, individuals may request attestation as easily as presenting a QR code requesting proof of completing their task.

For example, as a business owner, I might create a checklist and assign a checklist item for my employee to visit HR, listing all members of HR as valid attestors. When my employee visits HR to complete the task, a valid HR attestor attests that the task has been completed.

Checklist completion can also be incentivized providing the ability to create amazing engagements across many domains including business, education, entertainment, and anywhere else where the idea of guiding someone through a series of steps with verifiable outcomes and real-time progress updates can be realized.

How it's Made

Our application is a combination of NEAR/NEAR BOS, Ceramic, and The Graph. We provide the application through a NEAR/BOS gateway including FastAuth for easy onboarding. We use a NEAR contract (DID Registry) to link a NEAR account to a Ceramic decentralized identifier (DID) where each user's checklist and attestation data is stored. Links to ceramic stream IDs for checklists and attestations are recorded in another contract on NEAR ensuring a permanent and verifiable record of the corresponding data and it's entire commit history. Two Graph NEAR subgraphs index and make all this data available to the application for display and analytics. As PROOF grows/improves, we intend to use/build more BOS components with a view to complete application decentralization.

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