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Proof of Speed

Proof of Speed will use zero knowledge proofs to show that a player has completed a game in a certain time

Proof of Speed

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Project Description

The purpose of the project is prove that a player completed a game with a certain score or within a certain time. In particular we are looking to prevent players cheating by altering the game parameters such as game speed. For example a player could slow a game down to make it easier to complete, and disguise the elapsed time.

We based our project around the standard game stack Dojo, and the component system, we were aiming to prove that certain parameters of a game were used, we wanted to make this generic, so that it could apply to any games using the stack.

How it's Made

The project is based in the Dojo / Bevy / stack. As an example game we used a simple game we had developed previously in Dojo From this we wanted to find the game parameters that were open to being proved. We setup a Madara server to host the game as manipulation of the game context would also be important

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