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Proof of Snek

Players want instant gratification. Deploying an old game I had started building to a SKALE chain

Proof of Snek

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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

Players want instant gratification. A couple of years ago I started building an ethereum multiplier type of game, but quit development due to slow speeds and high transaction costs on Ethereum main net. SKALE's network is compatible with Ethereum's virtual machine with fast low cost transaction speeds. So for this hackathon, I revisited the idea of deploying the game to a SKALE side chain instead of main net where the transactions would take far too long and would be too high priced to play. Deploying to a Skale chain would resolve the issues on main net providing players with instant gratification and low to free transaction costs.

To get into more detail, playing Proof of stake reuses charcter's from FOMO3D. FOMO3D was an early game on Ethereum main net which at it's peak raised a jackpot of over 20k ETH. In the game, players would buy keys connected to a countdown timer. The last player to have bought a key when the countdown hit 0 won the jackpot. Proof of Snek on the other hand involves players drawing cards in effort to multiply the amount of ETH sent. When a snek card is drawn and the jackpot has enough ETH this triggers a countdown timer. Similar to the game mechanic in FOMO3D, the last player to have drawn a snek card when the countdown hits 0 wins the jackpot.

How it's Made

This project uses a solidity smart contract, a client built with html, css, javascript, and ethers.js

Originally deployed to Ropsten, SKALE's side chain works better and faster providing player's with instant gratification.

This project was made by taking an abandoned project and bringing new life into the project when discovering Skale's layer 2 solution. Problems on main net included slow transaction times and high costs to transact. Skale resolves these issues with millisecond transaction speeds and free transactions for users.

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