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Proof of Location

Proof of Location, prove you are within a certain range of a location

Proof of Location

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Scaling Ethereum 2024

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Avail - Best dApp deployed on Avail-powered Rollup

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Project Description

This project proves that you are within a certain range of a location. Enter your location and miles as parameters, and a proof will be generated that you are within the range of that destination. The proof will be verified on chain and the chain will now have a record of when the user's location was verified.

How it's Made

This project uses the Risc0 ZKVM to construct the proofs. The proof is verified on-chain. Contracts are deployed to Morph Testnet, OP Avail Testnet, and Arbitrum Sepolia. The project uses an Axum relay backend to make the request + contract call, and uses NextJS + Typescirpt for the frontend.

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