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Proof of Attention/Digital Attendance

We propose a proof of attention protocol where creators and consumers of digital content will be rewarded for their contributions without the need for subscriptions, donations, micropyaments, or advertising

Proof of Attention/Digital Attendance

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:eyes:⚡️Proof of Attention / Proof of Digital Attendance Idea Below. Need two more team mates

Hey hakrz, our team is gathering momentum to work on a (proof of concept for a ) course where users earn the tokens that they are learning to create by proving they watched the content.

We think this idea has potential to revolutionize not only the educational domain (students earning tokens to learn versus going into debt, teachers earning rewards proportionate to how many students they are able to reach), but also the digital content space in general.

:thinking: Imagine if your favorite podcast wasn't littered with advertisements about MeUndies or Purple Mattresses or The Snack Box of the Week :tm:, didn't have any subscription or Patreon like fees that prevent people of lower economic means to participate,** had no micropayments**, and you didn't have to donate for your favorite creators to earn, but rather the content could generate revenue merely from the fact that there was a community paying attention to it!

If this idea excites you, please reach out! Thanks and good look to all!

How it's Made

We used Austin Griffith's scaffold-eth alongside an Open Zeppelin ERC 1155 conductor contract in order to orchestrate the various exchanges of different classes of both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Given the novel platform idea of compensating for consumer attention, we believe that the proof of concept wire frame built during this hackathon is a good first step in completely fleshing out this MVP into a fully functioning product in the future. Because of this, our team is proud of everything we were able to achieve over the weekend.

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