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A platform for creating AI experiences in mixed reality where artists can demonstrate their creativity


Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

  • Artists can use our application to demonstrate their creativity by selecting an AI model and prompting it with a creative prompt which is hashed and stored secretly, this prompt creates a generation which is validated on a chain and mints an NFT with this validated URI and hashed prompt which can be traded on the marketplace.

  • Users on the web app can log in with their email and can simply pin any of the assets on-chain from their inventory that they chose to render and interact with in the Mixed Reality.

  • Using the client app users need to log in with their same email and the app fetches the user's pinned asset from the contract deployed on Polygon Amoy. API stores every user's email and corresponding wallet address so the user only needs to provide their email on the client app.

How it's Made

  • Technologies: This project combines a smart contract with a mixed reality application through a connecting API and a web app from where users can express their art through prompting.

  • AI Models: They get options to either choose Meshy AI for 3d models or DallE for 2d models.

  • Web app: Every time a user requests a model generation, our API securely calls the selected AI model and responds to our connecting API with the generation.

  • Smart Contract: At this same moment, model NFT is minted and the call moves to the chainlink function for verifying the latest generation at our API endpoint for the calling user. Once verified, it sets the NFT URI to the latest generation.

  • AR app: Now, the user upon launching their AR applications will be logging in with the same email as the web app and this will read the user's synced pin asset on the contract and render it in reality where users can interact with it.

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