Promise Protocol

Reward early contributors with future equity backed by collateral.

Promise Protocol

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Project Description

We are introducing the concept of promise tokens. Early stage DAOs usually do not have the fund to pay contributors properly hence find it hard to attract them. With these promise tokens DAOs can now give them ownership of future equity when they decide to token launch. These promise tokens are backed by collateral so if contributors think the DAO might be rugging them they can always burn them and get the locked collateral back. The upside to this huge, if a DAO is successful the contributors who hold these promise tokens get a share of the initial token supply based on how much they have.

How it's Made

Its made using NEXT.js for frontend along with other libraries such as Moralis, TailwindCSS, IPFS for file storage. We are using solidity and hardhat for contracts and ethers to interface with these contract functions. We are building it on the polygon mumbai testnet. .

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