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A Reliable Digital Promise Verification Platform where 2 users can create promises


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

Project Description

Problem Statement: A Reliable Digital Promise Verification Platform

In the modern world, where transactions and agreements are increasingly digitized, the integrity of personal promises, particularly those involving financial obligations, often goes unchecked. Consider the scenario where you lend money to a friend with the promise of repayment. Despite the friend's initial commitment, there may come a time when they forget or deny the promise, leading to potential disputes and a strain on the relationship.

To address this issue, we introduce Promise, a digital platform designed to facilitate the creation and verification of personal promises between individuals. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as the Sign Protocol for digital attestations and the Arbitrum blockchain for secure and transparent record-keeping, Promise aims to provide a reliable and verifiable system for all types of personal agreements.

With Promise, users can create a digital record of their promises, be it lending money, returning borrowed items, or any other personal commitment. The platform allows for a trusted third party, akin to a digital notary, to attest to the promise, ensuring that both parties acknowledge the agreement. This digital attestation, coupled with the immutability of the blockchain, ensures that the promise is recorded securely and can be verified by both parties at any time, preventing forgetfulness or denial and reducing the likelihood of disputes.

Promise empowers individuals to hold each other accountable while providing a simple and trustworthy solution to uphold the sanctity of personal agreements in the digital age.

How it's Made

The Promise platform is built using a combination of smart contracts, the Sign Protocol for digital attestations, and the Arbitrum blockchain to ensure secure and transparent record-keeping.

Smart Contracts: The core of the Promise platform is built on Ethereum smart contracts, which run on the Arbitrum layer 2 scaling solution. The smart contracts are written in Solidity, the programming language for Ethereum smart contracts, and they govern the creation, acceptance, and fulfillment of promises.

Sign Protocol: The Sign Protocol is integrated into the smart contracts to provide digital attestations. This protocol offers a way to create a digital signature that attests to the validity of a promise. When a promise is created or fulfilled, the platform generates an attestation that is signed by the Promise platform's address, acting as a trusted third party. This attestation is then stored on the blockchain, providing an immutable record of the promise and its status.

Arbitrum Blockchain: Arbitrum is used as the underlying blockchain infrastructure to benefit from its optimized layer 2 scaling features.

Frontend Development: The user interface for Promise is built using Next.js, a popular React framework.

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