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ERC20 and ERC721 Templates to deploy and make your own tokens and NFTs.


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Project Description

The template allows the user to set and personalize thier own project. Unlike Wizard OpenZepplin, the template will create the folder hieracrchy and test scripts to show the user how to test thier contract.

Once the user personalize thier project. You can interact with the contract with an Ipython CLI to make sure all the methods valid.

Once the user is comfortable with the contract. You can deploy the contract within ApeWorX Framework to any chain you like.

This is when the user will be the most excited. You can manually deploy the contract on any network and mint or transfer any tokens or NFT to any wallet.

Having something tangible is important to show the user . THEY DID IT! :)

How it's Made

ApeWorX: Framework used to support all of the plugins CookieCutter: Personalize the contracts to your liking Polygon: Connected to Mumbai to show tangible Tokens. IPFS: Included a static IPFS link to give a tangible NFT. Made it possible to set new URI for other nfts.

Vyper: Language to build the smart contracts

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