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Project Two Sixty

Project 260: Securely manage your assets with Zodiac & Safe - the trustless, permission-based, self-custody solution for scaling web3 asset management.

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Project Two Sixty

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ETHIndia 2022

Project Description


DAOs can benefit significantly from active asset management with the self-custody of their treasury assets. With self-custody: DAOs can ensure the safety and security of their funds and, Gain Transparency and accountability of their asset managers. In short, active asset management with self-custody is essential for the success and sustainability of DAOs in the decentralized finance space.


  • There needs to be a dashboard for asset managers to deploy and manage strategies on Gnosis Safe as a delegate and DAOs to have transparency on the transactions executed by their asset manager.

  • Another significant problem is the need to prevent the misuse of funds by asset managers, which can lead to substantial financial losses and damage to the reputation of the DAO.

To address these challenges, we are introducing "Project 260", a dApp that runs within Gnosis Safe App that:

  • Provides a seamless user experience for an asset manager to propose an active treasury management strategy with transparent roles and permissions

  • For DAOs to review strategies proposed by an asset manager and delegate asset management to third-party providers by defining transparent roles and permissions.

  • With Project 260, DAOs can get a clear view of all the strategies deployed on their treasury in a single dashboard with built-in transaction decoding.

  • Project 260 enables seamless revoke access to any delegate in case of malicious (suspicious) activity.

  • Our workflows comprise: allow strategy proposal, proposal approval on-chain, strategy execution, and execution logs.

In summary, we are introducing a solution for DAOs and asset managers to scale active asset management with self-custody and role-based access on top of Gnosis Safe. Project 260 is the first-of-its-kind solution in the market and will significantly benefit the DAO community by enabling them to manage and grow their assets effectively and securely.

How it's Made

Some challenges of working with Zodiac modules and Gnosis Safe contracts were:

  • The potential for conflicts between the Zodiac modules and Gnosis Safe contracts could lead to unexpected behavior or errors in the system.

  • The lack of documentation and support for the Zodiac modules made it difficult for us to understand and implement them properly.

  • The complexity of the Gnosis Zodiac ecosystem of contracts and workflows.

The challenges were overcome through persistence, frequent failures, quick iterations, and developing a thorough understanding of the underlying contract.

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