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Project Qside

"Developing a mobile app for secure sharing of user profiles and funds stored in an Account Abstraction wallet. #MobileApp #AAWallet #SecureSharing #Funds"

Project Qside

Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

"Our project aims to develop a mobile application that leverages the capabilities of Account Abstraction (AA) wallets to securely manage and share user profiles and funds. Account Abstraction is a revolutionary concept that allows users to interact with blockchain networks without needing to hold the native cryptocurrency.

Our app will provide a user-friendly interface for managing AA wallets, allowing users to easily store, send, and receive funds, as well as manage their profile information. The app will use strong encryption methods to ensure the security and privacy of user data.

One of the key features of our app is the ability to share user profiles and funds securely. Users can securely share their profile information with others, such as for networking or identity verification purposes, without compromising their privacy or security.

In addition to profile sharing, users can also securely send and receive funds using the app. The app will support multiple cryptocurrencies and will provide real-time transaction tracking and notifications to keep users informed about their financial transactions.

Overall, our project aims to provide a secure and user-friendly solution for managing and sharing user profiles and funds using Account Abstraction wallets, enabling users to interact with blockchain networks with ease and confidence."

How it's Made

To build our project, we used the Tauri framework, which allows us to create mobile applications using Rust. This choice was made due to Rust's performance, safety, and cross-platform capabilities. Tauri provides a bridge between Rust and the front-end, allowing us to write the logic in Rust and the UI in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

For storing user data safely on the blockchain, we leveraged StarkNet, which provides an Account Abstraction (AA) wallet. This enables users to interact with the blockchain without directly holding the native cryptocurrency, ensuring security and privacy.

The architecture of our app involves using Tauri to create the mobile app's shell and manage the UI, while the core logic for interacting with StarkNet and managing user data is implemented in Rust. This separation of concerns allows for a clean and modular codebase.

One notable aspect of our project is the integration of StarkNet for the AA wallet functionality. This required careful handling of cryptographic operations and secure communication with the blockchain network. We also implemented strong encryption methods to ensure the security and privacy of user data stored on the blockchain.

Partner technologies were not used in this project, as Tauri and StarkNet provided all the necessary tools and functionalities. However, we collaborated with the communities of these technologies to gather insights and best practices, which greatly benefited our project.

Overall, our project is a combination of cutting-edge technologies, including Tauri, Rust, and StarkNet, pieced together to create a secure and efficient mobile application for managing user profiles and funds on the blockchain.

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