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Project Basic Vibe

This project is focused on creating a simple, but powerful implementation of DeFi and dStore

Project Basic Vibe

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Project Description

Project Basic Vibe is about simplifying the way in which artists access and use Web3 and Decentralized Storage. The project enables an artist that has uploaded their unique digital artwork into the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) to register their artwork with our site upon which they will be given a little bit of website code that creates a very simple Buy Button. The artist can then paste the code for this button on any of their websites, just like they can with Paypal or Stripe or any other payment provider.

The buyer can then click the button which will take them through the process of onboarding if necessary with Web3 and enabling them to buy the original digital artwork. The artist simply receives their cryptocurrency payment based on ETH straight into their Web3 wallet whilst the buyer receives the IPFS control keys for the artwork stored on the network.

Our project is designed to make it easy and intuitive for artists to commercialize their work reducing the number of parties involved in the sale of unique and inspiring digital art pieces.

For a litte more information please see the github link below:

How it's Made

This project has been built using Pinata, to access the IPFS storage network and upload the dApp site. Unstoppable domains has been used to provide decentralised domain name services and integration with IPFS for the dApp site. Ethereum has been used in this project to provide smart contract services and is the currency that is used by the artists when selling their work. HTML5 has been used to make the site responsive to the different forms of screen access that are available, and Metamask integration has been the preferred method of implementing Web3 on the Project Basic Vibe site.

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