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The DAO that empowers competitive hackers by streamlining decision making and bounties in Hackathons


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Project Description

Problem: Hackers sometimes do not get paid for successfully winning a Hackathon Bounty. One Bounty platform was unable to pay the Winner because the Sponsor suddenly left and ghosted the Hackathon. There are also intances wherein the sponsors do not make the decisions within the alloted timeframe leaving hackers upset and not having any feedback.

PRIZEDAO through our PDAO Token empowers competitive hackers by streamlining the decision making process and payment of the Hackathon event.

How it's Made

The project is built using ReactJS for front end and bootstap for styling the website, NFT.Storage to store the details of the bounty including name, description, duration, image of the Sponsors logo and prize. We also used covalent to get the users Token Balance in their wallet. We built the smart contract using Hardhat and deployed to Rinkeby Testnet and Polygon network with the PDAO contract address 0x533e72576de0e249a9B76ff50BfE4346cbcF1cb8

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