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Priv-Pay, the DeFi application to receive and send payments with just simple Link, no need to reveal your address. Make Payments with Privacy


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

Project Description

Survey: 75% of crypto users express concern about exposing wallet addresses. Reasons cited:

Fear of privacy breaches, scams, and security risks. Worries include being targeted by scammers, potential loss of anonymity, and compromising personal information. Reflects a growing trend of prioritizing privacy and security in crypto transactions among users.

To Solve this , Priv-Pay is the best solution to go with it

How it's Made

Privacy Supreme: Generate payment links that cloak your wallet address, ensuring your on-chain history remains a mystery. -Sender Secrecy: Say goodbye to prying eyes! Senders won't catch a glimpse of your wallet's wealth or your whimsical NFT collection -No Wallet Exposure: Never worry about exposing your wallet address again! Mask-Melon ensures that only you hold the key to your crypto kingdom.

Made Using Secret key function receivable through multiple hashing

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