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PrepaidGas allows to buy Gas in advance and use it later. First ETH Gas futures market


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

Project Description

The PrepaidGas protocol revolutionizes the Ethereum infrastructure by introducing a decentralized, permissionless Gas futures market. It empowers users, particularly L2s, CEXs, to buy ETH Gas in advance, locking in costs and ensuring cost predictability. This marks a significant advancement for the Ethereum community, aiming to make Gas expenses manageable and predictable

How it's Made

This is an on-chain order book involving Purchasers and Suppliers:

  1. A Purchaser creates a Gas order, specifying details such as the required amount of gas, timeframe, prices they're willing to pay, and guarantees requested from Suppliers.
  2. Suppliers may accept orders, locking in some value as a guarantee to ensure they fulfill the promise of providing gas in the future, regardless of the price.
  3. When the order's time arrives, the Purchaser signs the message with transaction details and sends it to our validators, making it publicly available.
  4. The Supplier receives the data and executes the ERC-2771 transaction on behalf of the Purchaser.
  5. If the Supplier fails to execute the transaction within the "execution window," anyone can execute it and receive a share of the guarantee provided by the Supplier.
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