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Prediction based Quadratic Funding Protocol

Prediction based Quadratic Funding Protocol for public good projects

Prediction based Quadratic Funding Protocol

Created At

ETHGlobal Tokyo

Winner of


🥇 Curvegrid — Best use of MultiBaas


🏊 UMA & Across — Pool Prize

Project Description

Prediction based Quadratic Funding Protocol is a decentralized funding protocol that allows users to create and fund projects and receive funding continuously from the community. By using Prediction Market, users can predict whether the project will achieve certain KPIs or Milestones or not. Additionally the public goods projects can get grants from grant pool and protocol will distribute grants by following Quadratic Funding Formula based on amounts of prediction. Only if the project achieves the KPI or Milestone, the project will receive the grants.

This protocol enables:

  • users to contribute potential serious public goods project
  • projects to get rewarded continuously and encourage their community
  • sponsors to optimize their opportunity and contribution for public good or OSS projects

How it's Made

  1. Sponsors depositing their sponsorship funding to our pool
  2. Project owner create a project in our platform
  3. Projects are reviewed and given allocation based on quadratic funding formula.
  4. After projects are given allocation, they can start trigger a funding stream for their project for some portion (50% for example) of the funding can are matched on.
  5. In case any issues arises during the progress of the project, anyone can raise the issue by creating proposal in (integrated with UMA oSnap) to stop the stream of the fund to that project, so no more money wasted on the project. If enough people votes on this proposal, a transaction to stop the stream of the fund can be performed.
  6. If everthing goes well and the projects can meet all of his promise (no proposal against them), in the of the period they can claim the rest of the funding from the contract.
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