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A whole new world of co-creation in VR


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Project Description

This project enables minting of NFTs from VR experiences meaning that PORT4 represents a first of its kind co-creation of immutable content. There are two key players in the PORT4 universe; creators and users. Creators upload their experiences onto the platform and users navigate these and immortalize their favourite moments as NFTs. In order to create scarcity the creators decide the number of NFTs possible to mint per experience and the users can apply filters to impact the aesthetic of the space. The textures in the experiences change over time, meaning the NFTs will look different depending on when the users visited it. We're launching here with in-house creator artwork but ultimately the idea is for PORT4 to enable permissionless upload of experiences.

The users can customise the snapshots before minting by altering the angles and colours. Once they've minted the NFT it appears in their wallet and they have the option to resell it on a secondary marketplace.

Down the line we'd like to experiment with a PORT4 token, artist bounties and digital art residencies.

How it's Made

There are two modules in this project:

The first module is A UNITY project where we implement the VR experience and develop a custom code to :

Take the snapshot when press letter "P"

Send the snapshot to IPFS using "" service

Send generated IPFS adresse + sha256 hash and communicate with the brower

The unity project has been exporting in WebGL and integrated into module 2 : a Vue.js application

In the Vue.js application, we use to store metadata and the ZDK of ZORA to mint the nft.

We have a MetaMask integration that allows any user to mint his NFT base on the snapshot easily.

That was a perfect experience to understand how everything can be linked to create new experiences and new leverage for VR Artist

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