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Popov enables the first-ever democratic(one-person, one-vote), Sybil-resistant, and AI-powered on-chain voting for local DAOs/communities.


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ETHGlobal Paris

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🏊 Worldcoin — Pool Prize

Project Description

Popov allows individuals in local DAOs/communities to have equal voting power in a transparent manner on-chain. Additionally, AI helps them make decisions more easily and accurately, reducing problems, such as poor decision-making and voter turnout.

Problems & Solutions

  • Lack of transparency/verifiability → On-chain voting
  • Difficulties in running local DAOs → Aragon OSx
  • Plutocracy → one person, one vote with Worldcoin
  • Voters’ apathy → Better voting experience with ChatGPT

How it's Made

Worldcoin: Worldcoin’s world id ensures that every voter is a unique human, enabling Sybil-resistant, one-person-one-vote even on-chain. Under the hood, world id leverages Semaphore’s ZKP solution that allows voters to prove their membership of a group and cast a vote.

Aragon: PopovVoting plugin is a modified Addresslist Voting Plugin, which only allows WorldID-verified users to partake. It inherits the WorldID verifier contract.

Safe(Web3Auth): Using Safe Auth SDK provides easy onboarding for non-crypto savvy users. We ended up not creating Safe due to technical difficulties but even with Web3Auth, users don't have to deal with a seed phrase/private key to create a wallet and participate in governance.

ChatGPT: Built-in AI chatbot helps users make decisions more quickly by answering users’ questions regarding proposals in governance. It can also provide users with comprehensive summaries of active proposals and discussions in the forum.

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