It is a yield notification system and stop loss mechanism where a user can protect farming positions against heavy losses


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Project Description

PoolPing will ping (notify) you when your yield APY falls below a certain threshold the user sets and ideally withdraw your position so that it acts as a stop loss for yield generating positions. It will notify you under two conditions, either then your APY dips below the set threshold or when the cumulative value of the position and the yield falls below a set threshold.

How it's Made

Using EPNS notifications to monitor yield from and the value of interest generating positions. It will ping you when either of the two events of APY dropping or total value drops below a threshold. A stop loss mechanism using Gelato will take you out of the interest generating position effectively as a stop loss. We are targeting lending positions on platforms such as AAVE and LP positions on DEXs like Uniswap.

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