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Pompom Protocol

Borrow money for your hackathon stake with your credit score

Pompom Protocol

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Scaling Ethereum 2024

Project Description

This project allows new hackers looking to hack into staking-based hackathons to borrow their initial on-chain funds. A hacker needs to provide their off-chain credit score which is attested and validated on-chain for lending him/her a certain borrow amount. Users log in to the application using GitHub Auth to validate their GitHub account contributions which are combined with their credit score to determine a Borrow Limit.

How it's Made

This project synergizes Sign Protocol with Dynamic Wallet, ensuring an intuitive UI/UX. Users access the app via Github Auth through Dynamic, providing their PAN number for credit score retrieval. Off-chain attestation and smart contract verification secure this data during fund borrowing, generating a Borrowlimit based on credit score and GitHub activity.

We've chosen the Gnosis chain for smart contract deployment, prioritizing seamless transactions and lower gas fees. To aid new developers, we are looking to cover certain gas fees, simplifying on-chain onboarding for crypto novices to explore and learn.

As all the APIs for fetching credit scores were paid, we've developed our own ML model for generating dummy credit scores

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