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Pol Party

Pol Party, a web app to mint your Spotify listening data and share it with your friends!

Pol Party

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🏊‍♂️ NFTPort - Pool Prize

Project Description

Pol Party lets you mint your Spotify listening data and share it with your friends. The idea is to bridge web2 data to web3 and make it immutable. I will be able to mint that my favorite artist was X, and show it 5 years later. It's a game for music diggers that want to show the world that they were engaging with an artist before he became successful and mainstream. Users can only mint 1 PoL per month.

How it's Made

PoLParty is a react app where you can connect with your Spotify account, the app will fetch the artist you've listened the most during the last 4 weeks. Then you will be able to connect with your wallet to mint your Proof-of-Listening thanks to NFTPort. The metadata of the NFT is stored on IPFS, using Pinata. Also, I'm using Moralis to fetch the Proof-of-Listening that I've already minted.

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