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Pledger - Board

A fully onchain social game built to make high achievement and goal setting fun.

Pledger - Board

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Autonomous Worlds

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Project Description

Pledger Board is built around the core principle of making positive commitments in public spaces. The game allows users to make commitments to themselves, prove to the community that your completed your commitments, and earn reputation from your high achievement.

The goal of the game is to earn Reputation, an in game metric for evaluating achievement. Reputation is earned from other users rating your commitments and attesting to you completing your commitments.

How it's Made

I used MUD with React to build this social gaming experience. Commitments are composed of small, primitive components that can be composed together in many different ways to create novel interactivity. For this particular demo, the scope of commitment customization is small, but there is no limit of what could be done with commitments: Custom schedules could be used to submit artifacts on intervals, zk proofs can be used to prove completion, collateral can be staked for stronger incentives, commitment pools with many users can build new communities, and much more.

The project uses NFT storage to upload pictures to IPFS, and the content hash is stored as part of a commitments 'submission artifacts'. This is both convenient for the user and maximally decentralized.

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