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Ann immersive, impartial and inclusive Web3 Game Streaming & Community Management Platform


Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Winner of


🏊 Scroll — Pool Prize

Project Description

PlayVerse's vision is to create an immersive, impartial and inclusive ecosystem for web3 gamers worldwide using Mask Network and Scroll

🧐 Problem Statement <a name = "problem_statement"></a>

  1. Centralised streaming platforms exploit streamers' hard work and community influence through unfair compensation practices, lacking transparency and consensus.

  2. Gamers invest significant time and money in games without receiving ownership, alignment, or governance, highlighting the absence of a GameFi streaming infrastructure for crypto and NFT payouts.

  3. Transitioning from web2 game publishers' methods of acquiring and retaining users (paid ads, paid media) to a Web3 approach based on contribution (airdrops, referrals, engagement) is needed.

💡 Idea / Solution <a name = "idea"></a>

PlayVerse is an interactive online gaming and learning platform that provides live gaming tutorials and tournaments for games built on the Sui blockchain.

The next evolutionary step is towards the Gamefi streaming platform. Create a sustainable ecosystem running on blockchain where game publishers, streamers and the gamer community all benefit from the contribution.

We empower streamers by eliminating high commission rates, eradicating arbitrary increases imposed solely by the company, significantly reducing holding periods for funds, providing clear and concise guidelines regarding account bans based on legal matters, ensuring complete transparency, and fostering a strong sense of community consensus. By doing so, we restore the integrity of the streaming ecosystem and bolster the invaluable influence and support that streamers have diligently cultivated to achieve remarkable success.

How it's Made

Building PlayVerse on the Scroll blockchain while integrating Mask Network for identity verification was a multifaceted endeavor that redefined Web3 gaming and content monetization.

Scroll Blockchain Integration: To establish PlayVerse on the Scroll blockchain, I selected a Scroll-compatible development environment and configured a blockchain node. Smart contracts were created to facilitate NFT management, ensuring secure in-game asset storage and transparent transaction management.

Mask Network for Identity Verification: User identity verification was a top priority. Mask Network's decentralized identity service seamlessly integrated into the platform. Users underwent secure identity verification during registration, and Mask Network's authentication mechanisms ensured data privacy and secure logins.

User Registration and Profile Creation: User-friendliness was paramount. The registration process was designed for simplicity, combining intuitive account creation with Mask Network's identity verification. Users customized their profiles, providing access to PlayVerse's NFT minting, live streaming, and community interactions.

NFT Minting and Management: NFTs are PlayVerse's lifeblood, offering creators and gamers unique digital assets and monetization opportunities. A user-friendly NFT minting platform was developed, coupled with robust management tools for creators to organize, transfer, and monetize their NFTs. Integration with the Scroll blockchain ensured secure and transparent transactions.

Live Streaming and Tournaments: Real-time interaction is a cornerstone of PlayVerse using Livepeer. A streaming platform allowed creators to host gaming sessions and tutorials, complemented by a tournament management system that streamlined event organization and outcome tracking. Integration with the Scroll blockchain ensured the security and transparency of tournaments.

Community Governance and DAO: Community consensus and transparency were fostered through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The PlayVerse DAO empowered community members to influence platform decisions, enabled voting mechanisms for democratic processes, and integrated with the Scroll blockchain to secure governance.

Monetization and Compensation: Fair compensation was a priority. Transparent revenue-sharing mechanisms ensured creators received fair earnings from their content and tournaments. These mechanisms eliminated high commissions and arbitrary fee increases seen on centralized platforms, with transactions secured through the Scroll blockchain.

User Engagement and Marketing: A vibrant community was cultivated through user engagement and marketing strategies. Captivating gamers, content creators, and supporters was the goal. Mask Network features were leveraged to promote the platform's identity-verified and secure nature. User support channels ensured timely query resolution.

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