A House where you can gambling with ERC20 tokens and receive PLAY token rewards for you play and your wins


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

The project use ethereum blockchain technology to allow the users to play bets. The House contract manage the erc20 and the Oracle validate the bets and set the winner There a third contract, the PLAY token, its a erc20 how used to give rewards to the users, like SUSHI in sushiswap The House is like the MasterChef of sushiswap, when a user play on a bet created by feeOwner, this contract mint a determinate amount of PLAY tokens to the user and when the user collect the bet also mint PLAY token Each bet haves an Oracle how validate the create, play and collect and also set the winner bet, its centralized and we need trusted oracles Each bet haves a minimum play amount and this can increase on play in base of a rate There are more information on the of the project

How it's Made

This project it make in solidity lenguaje, can run in ETH VM, like ethereum, polygon, BSC and every clon of the ethereum VM

I use hardhat for test, compile, flattener, coverage, etc; and hardhat use truffle, web3 and solhint for solidity lint

Also I use the openzeppelin-contracts for contracts and openzeppelin-test-helpers for test

I try get a high test coverage and cover all cases

I dont ready but the back-end use @thegraph technology

In the front side, also not ready, I use the package web3modal to integrate wallet like metamask, wallet connect, etc

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