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Playground: Unity3D NFT Gallery Template

Advanced Unity 3D NFT gallery starter template for game devs

Playground: Unity3D NFT Gallery Template

Created At

HackFS 2022

Winner of


🎮 IPFS/Filecoin — Gaming/Metaverse/DAOs

Project Description

Playground Gallery Template provides a Unity3D Engine Template for developers as a starter base to create NFT galleries in games and metaverses. Made during HackFS, at It supports :

  • Account NFT Explorer
  • Collection Explorer
  • All Metadata
  • NFT Texture and GIFs
  • 3D GLbs if present in Metadata
  • Cross-chain
  • Fully composable and adjustable gallery in any shapes and frames.
  • Continuation, It will continue reading till collection runs out of NFTs or Frames in gallery runs out, You can basically take this template and just duplicate frames in editor to create super huge towers for 10k NFT collections!

View Sourcecode Github above for using and contributing. regen.

my links: follow yt for updated walkthroughs after hackfs

How it's Made

its #madewithunity and #builtwithNftport , on top of NFTPort Unity SDK, also featuring metaverse ready avatars from ready player me . It leverages IPFS gateways for fetching NFT Assets into Unity alongside nftport API's with cached data and for cross-chain compatibility including Eth,Polygon,Rinkeby and more.

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