­čî╝ PlantyBois is a dynamically changing collection of 3,333 hand drawn plants minted on Polygon.


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Winner of


­čąç Superfluid - Gaming or Art

Project Description

­čî╝PlantyBois is an NFT collection with 3,333 hand-drawn plants minted on Polygon. It stands out from other NFT projects in the space by being dynamic in nature.

When a ­čî╝PlantyBoi is minted it starts off as a seed (Example of a seed: Here is where the owner of the seed has to make an important decision:

  1. Should I plant my seed and grow it into a plant? Plants can have different rarities/attributes and it's up to you if you want to grow the seed and find out which kind of plant you own.
  2. Should I HODL my ­čî╝PlantyBoi Seed? Well, there could be someone out there that really wants to grow your ­čî╝PlantyBoi and it could potentially be a great investment for you to hold on to that seed!


Q: How do you grow your­čî╝PlantyBoi? A: We are changing the paradigm of how NFTs are minted and held by utilizing Superfluid's technology to dynamically change your NFT. Your ­čî╝PlantyBoi NFT changes over time and can be observed on secondary marketplaces as well (like OpenSea). Example:

Q: What can I do with my­čî╝PlantyBoi? A: In the future roadmap of Plantybois you will be able to breed, produce seeds, and create more Plantybois. Similar to the mechanism you find on CryptoKitties or Axie Infinity, we intend to create an entire economy revolving around growing and breeding plants - eventually branching out into collections such as Trees, Fungi and more.

Q: Where does the money go? A: With the proceeds, we make with our NFT collections we want to create more awareness for environmental issues as well as create educational resources and games that support that initiative.

How it's Made

We built this project on Polygon and using Superfluid.

Polygon Details:

  1. We created 2 contracts ERC721 and NFTMetadata (Reason for NFTMetadata explained under superfluid)

  2. Our ERC721 token can be found here:

SuperFluid Details:

  1. We use superfluid to grow our plants (Refer to chart:

  2. Our ERC721 contract acts as a factory contract for the NLPMetadata contract (Contracts:

  3. Why do we create a new contract for each NFT token? It makes it much easier for the user to interact with their NFTs individually. If the user had multiple NFTs then it would be much harder for them to handle the streams individually on the Superfluid UI. That's why we designed the app to create a new contract to handle each stream

  4. We were also able to put additional checks like verifying the owner of the NFT and Limiting the rate of the stream to the NFT which is instrumental in making PlantyBois fair and making sure the plants are not grown faster for one user and slower for another.

Moralis Details: Moralis saved us around 70-80% of time when it comes to interacting with Blockchain and User login setup

We used Moralis to:

  1. Login

  2. Switch networks

  3. Configure network

  4. Interact with Smart contracts

  5. Query NFT details etc.

IPFS Details: (10 images for demo)

  1. To store images for the demo we used Pinata our files can be found here:



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