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Grow and harvest NFTs. A mix between a game and art collecting platform.


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Project Description

Grow plants and harvest NFTs. Plantary is a game and art collecting platform mixed together.

Each plant is a NFT and features commissioned artwork from different artists. Plants have a unique DNA which influences the rarity and other traits in their harvests. Harvests are also NFTs that can be sold or traded.

Mint plants and collect art. Combine your plants DNA to mint harvests. Collect, sell and trade your NFT harvests.

Possible plants and their harvests include: • Oracle Plant - a fortune cookie whenever you need • Portrait Plant - unique AI generated portraits • Money Plant - get to brag about owning a money plant • Advice Plant - receive advice • Compliment Plant - feel good compliments • Abstract Art Plant - AI generated abstract art • Seed Plant - get more plants • Insult Plant - creative insults • Nature Art Plant - AI generated nature pictures

How it's Made

This project is built on the NEAR blockchain with Rust, and a React front-end.

The NFT standard in NEAR is brand new. It's both a challenge and an excitement to mint some of the first non-fungible tokens using this chain.

We started working on this project last month at Hack the Rainbow, so it’s built on previous work. For ETHOnline we started with a bare bones Rust contract you could interact using the command line and it had a function to mint plants.

These past weeks we developed the contract a lot more, we basically refactored the NFT implementation and the fetch methods, squashed several bugs. We also added a lot of artwork to the pool (thanks a lot to the cryptoartists who answered our call for this demo!).

We also created a React app front end, with it you can mint both plants and harvests, plus display the NFTs in you wallet.

We have still a lot to go but it’s taking shape and it’s been a great way to learn Rust and get familiar with the NEAR SDK.

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