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A one-of-a-kind set of NFTs whose holders can participate in a global, collaborative art project. Each NFT gives you the right to draw on a region of a shared canvas. You can also resell your NFTs to other users.

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HackMoney 2021

Project Description is a global collaborative art space. Our project is inspired by street art culture where a single wall serves as the canvas for multiple artists. The canvas evolves as new artists emerge and paint over the old.

The canvas is divided into 8x8 pixel tiles, each of which is backed by an ERC-721 non-fungible token. The owner of the NFT can draw on or upload an image to their tile and link to a website. The NFTs can also be resold on 3rd party platforms or directly through this website.

We hope to see innovative applications for this space. Show off your NFTs, or advertise NFTs for sale on other platforms! Create art for resale directly on the canvas! Share a link to your newest crypto project!

How it's Made

Our project has three main components:

The smart contract stores the entire state of the system, including who owns which NFTs, the pixel values of the canvas, and the resale information. We wrote this contract in solidity. One kind of cute hack that we used is that the pixel values are stored using log events and not contract data. This hack makes it much cheaper (in gas terms) to store the pixel values, as they do not need to be read by other smart contracts.

The frontend is a standard react/typescript app. We used the ether.js stack for all smart contract interactions.

We also developed a backend that uses the alchemy API to watch the state of the smart contract and send live updates to the frontend via a websocket connection. This backend enables users without a web3 provider to see the content of the canvas.

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