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Piped Piper

A money streaming router built with Superfluid which takes multiple incoming flows, aggregates them and redirects them to multiple vaults.

Piped Piper

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Our project aims to utilize the Superfluid protocol to allow users to take their cash flows or a portion of it and allocate this flow into multiple yield generating vaults that exist in the ecosystem today. In essence, allowing the user to DCA average into multiple different savings accounts.

How it's Made

Our project uses the Superfluid protocol as a core component which will allow users to flow money into the different vaults. Our project makes most sense for users who have an existing flow who want to redirect their cash flows into different vaults in a simple and gas-efficient way. Our app utilizes the SuperApp feature of Superfluid which allows for complex callbacks and business logic which occurs when a flow agreement is started between the user and our contract.

Our project utilized paulberg's solidity template as a base template and we used TypeScript,

Hardhat, hardhat-deploy as the framework for deployment and local testing. In addition, we used multiple OpenZeppelin smart contracts for addressing solved problems.

For the client, we utilized React, ethers.js, TypeScript, material UI.

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