A cross-network wallet for instant transactions. Spend on any network no matter where your funds are.


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Project Description

A web3 crypto wallet with build-in bridge support, built as a browser extension.

We are building an ethereum wallet that can enable bridging of assets seamlessly, as opposed to manually moving funds from one network to the other. That allows users to interact with any contract on any network, no matter where their funds are. We want to end:

- The switching between different RPC endpoints manually
- The bridging of asset between different networks manually


Our focus is the user experience on interoperability


Extension to DAAP connection

Build an architecture to expose window.ethereum into the extension so to receive and send JSON RPC methods from other clients. DAAPs sends request using ethereum.window object on the browser —> Extension receive requests, verify it and sends back response to daaps

Support for a second ethereum layer 2 network / EVM chain

Layer 2 / EVM chains advantages are lower fees and faster transactions. Our wallet will need to support different ethereum networks. That means all functions needs to be working properly at least on a second Layer network or EVM chain. That includes transacting with daaps, sending tokens, view assets, etc..

Integrate a bridge to use in transactions

-This is where our wallet stands out, by having a bridge in the backend to move funds between different Layer 2 / EVM chains networks and Ethereum mainnet

How it's Made

We forked a crypto browser wallet and extended its functionality by connecting to HOP exchange bridge to move funds from one network to the another. In the future we plan on aggregating from different bridges to quote better prices on each bridge transaction. The daap demo used zapper API to ZAP into AAVE-v2 lending pool.

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