Prototyping a Global Directory to Create Decentralized Naming, Addressing, Numbering & Identity Innovation


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Project Description

Combining Human Friendly and Machine Friendly decentralized addressing is the objective of our project. We have prototyped a global directory that bonds index numbers or Lookup Numbers with PHONEWORDs or human friendly phrases to public keys and peer IDs. We have also created a bash scripting schema that enables end-users to create a contact and context list on their local machine for human friendly peer connection, pubsub chat and other networking applications.

We have prototyped and demonstrated this directory and connectivity on a constellation of Raspberry Pi small board computers.

We have also developed a prototype marketplace element for registrants to buy and sell Lookup Numbers that can spell desirable phrases. We are inviting HackFS participants to be the first community to claim Lookup Numbers and develop their own applications with their peers and public key infrastructure.

We are inviting HackFS Sponsors to be the inaugural set of Registrars for the PHONEWORD Workshops Global Directory. These Registrars will be able to explore and create human friendly services to onboard and assist people with utilizing the Decentralized Web 3.0.

How it's Made

Although there was a vague idea as to how the directory would be structured, populated and secured, it was a creative process to actually prototype the directory. Many issues arose when the actual data and use cases of how to marry a public key to a Lookup Number to a peer ID to a PHONEWORD. By thinking through those issues, running the SHA256 hashing and building the templates, many of the issues became resolvable. The process was definitely a "hack" and much of what will be automated next was done by hand which was incredibly tedious and incredibly creative at the same time.

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