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CRM platform designed to help NFT creators identify and connect with collectors


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Project Description

Phoenix is a blockchain CRM platform designed to help creators better identify and connect with their collectors. The platform’s data collection is powered by a social token, which creators can include in their drops to reward and identify participants. These social tokens can ultimately have utility and increase in value over time; they can also be used to unlock other experiences such as exclusive events or private drops. The platform will be available as a mobile app and have a companion web app for creators.

The platform features are as follows:

  1. CRM – aggregates and manages collector contact and statistical data in a decentralized ledger.

  2. Messaging – enables creators to message their collectors directly via wallet address without intermediaries (e.g. telecos, platforms, or gatekeepers); messages are encrypted end-to-end (more info below).

  3. Social token – used to reward and identify collectors; the CRM aggregates info on token holders so that creators can message them and send them notifications. Creators may mint their social tokens directly in-platform.

  4. Wallet – stores currency and collectables.

  5. Analytics – aggregates sales data across all marketplaces (i.e. shares/copy pastes/saves of artwork, art value % growth/decline).

The application will be built on the Flow network and leverage payment gateways like Circle to facilitate smooth onboarding and support multiple currencies and payment methods including credit cards and ACH transfers.

In the messenger, users will be able to send NFTs, crypto, and other rich media assets (photos, videos, gifs etc.). The application will not use any traditional means of communication such as social media DMs (Instagram/Facebook), email, or SMS. All communication will be done through a unique blockchain messaging protocol where each message works like a typical blockchain transaction.

The steps to sending a blockchain message are as follows:

  1. Encrypt the message text.
  2. Put the ciphertext into transaction.
  3. Sign transaction.
  4. Send the transaction to a node.
  5. The distributed system of nodes determines the message authenticity.
  6. Once the message is authenticated, the transaction containing the message is included in the next block.
  7. The recipient retrieves the transaction and decrypts the message.

Steps 1, 2, 3, and 7 are made locally. Steps 5 & 6 are made on network nodes.

How it's Made

What we built:

  1. HTML CSS REACT + Chrome Extension

  2. Attempted to integrate Zora


  1. Integrate with ENS + IPFS + Circle + among other NFT marketplaces

We attempted to create all of our planned features and have them be integrated with the Zora marketplace. However, we plan on continuing this project to finish executing our roadmap.

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