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Phi is a blockchain-native metaverse built on Starknet with ENS domains and User's On-Chain Activities. This will allow users to show off their On-Chain Identity (achievements, community, interactions, etc) in a spacious land, not a limited space like Twitter's PFP.


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Project Description

Phi is a metaverse based on ENS and On-Chain activity history. Users can generate metaverse land from their ENS domains. Also, Users can claim pixel object NFTs based on their on-chain activity.

Examples of on-chain activities to claim objects

  • Holding 1 Loot

  • Voted more than 1 time on Snapshot

  • Holding 1 ETH

  • Swapped 1/5/10 times on Uniswap

  • More than 3 transactions on Polygon (Mumbai)

By claiming various objects and grow your land, your land will show your On-Chain Identity and show off it to others.

Future Works

  • Tools : Allow creators to upload pixel art objects, and issue NFTs.

  • Avatar : You will be able to have an avatar and walk around lands.

  • Social : You will be able to chat communication with your friends on Phi.

  • Isometric View : Creating richer Isomeric views of land & objects.

Why people are motivated to show their On-chain Identity?

Unlike the old analog days, many people now spend most of their time on digital spaces such as Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and Youtube. This means that many people have an identity in the digital space rather than in the real world. We believe that in the next decade, people all over the world will be identifying themselves on the blockchain. Just as SNS has become a metaverse, Crypto is gonna be a metaverse.

Hence, we create a broad virtual space based on the most decentralized DID asset, the ENS. And we allow users to claim various object NFTs tied to on-chain activities & status with an upgradable system. This will maximize the potential for people to express On-Chain Identity through the scalable network.

How it's Made

We developed in BuildQuest

<Sponsor scope>
  • NFT Storage: Using NFT storage to store the pixel arts.

  • Covalent: Using Covalent API, Graph, EtherScan to get user’s wallet activity.

  • L1 contract on Ethereum(Goerli Testnet)

    to message the permission of minting an Object NFT to L2 based on the coupon.

    to confirm the holders of NFTs on L1.

    to check ENS resolver.

  • L2 map contract on StarkNet (Goerli Testnet) to generate a virtual land and to write the location information of the Objects.

  • L2 contract on StarkNet (Goerli Testnet) to mint Object NFTs by ERC1155

  • L2 contract on StarkNet (Goerli Testnet) to mint Material NFT as Login Bonus

  • Link system of map contracts to connect lands.

  • Off-Chain Solution: On-chain activity history validation system by using AWS.

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