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PFP Pixel War is a collaborative game where the players use NFTs they own on L1 Ethereum mainnet to use them in L2 via Storage proofs and MUD. It's inspired from r/place by Reddit


Created At

Autonomous Worlds

Winner of


πŸ₯‰ Optimism β€” Mod the Stack


πŸ₯ˆ 0xPARC β€” Best use of Advanced Cryptography


πŸ† Autonomous Worlds Finalist

Project Description

PFP War is a collaborative experience in which participants place their NFT on pixel (or β€œtile”) on an online canvas of 2500 (50 x 50) pixel squares, and wait a certain amount of time before placing another.

Technical motivations

  • Challenge to prove the ownership of an L1 NFT on L2
  • Challenge to make this verifier a precompile in op-geth
  • Discovery and Stress test the MUD framework

What have we done ?

  • Ethereum Merkle Patricia Trie proof verifier (Solidity smart-contract)
  • PFP War: A web game that uses our verifier (MUD React Client)
  • A op-geth precompile of this verifier (Go)

More details on our project README :

How it's Made

We made an autonomous world using MUD and Storage Proof verifier on OP-stack.

About the Ethereum Merkle Patricia Trie proof verifier:

The Ethereum state is a data structure (a modified Merkle Patricia Trie) which keeps all accounts (nonce, balance, codeHash, storageRoot) linked by hashes and reducible to a single root hash stored on the blockchain.

  • We developed the Solidity Library that verify the Merkle Patricia Trie (MPT)
  • We developed a precompile of this Lib

About PFP War that use the MPT verifier and MUD framework

We developed our project entirely with MUD / React. We have deployed our contracts with the MUD system and interacted with the hooks provided.

  • Really simplifies the work on the front-end
  • Some issues with the public testnet indexer
  • Great support from the MUD team
  • Ultra-simplified smart-contract dev and management
  • Binding between UI and contract state is really cool

About Optimism and Storage proof

  • The implementation of the Ethereum Merkle Patricia Trie was an interesting tech challenge.
  • We deepened our understanding of EVM, precompiles and how the state is stored.

The full feedback about our experiment is available here

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