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Your memories are worth keeping. Document encryption and sharing between members of a Safe.


Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

This project was built to encrypt, store, and share photos/documents between members of a Safe. Allows any member invited to the Safe to create collections (think albums) and upload photos/documents to those collections. Documents are encrypted so that only members of the safe are able to decrypt and view the image; allowing the documents to be securely stored on chain but still accessible to the Safe members. The wallet/Safe experience is abstracted away from the end-user allowing them to authenticate using biometrics on their device to initialize a Safe, invite members to their Safe, create collections and upload documents. All of these actions occur onchain, but the end user simply uses their biometrics (TouchID, FaceID, PIN, etc) to perform these actions, storing their memories forever.

How it's Made

The project uses Solidity smart contracts to be deployed on Gnosis. Members get added to a Gnosis Safe - this is a key tenet of Pérenne as it is a web3-native way to join members together into a Safe and encrypt Documents to this safe. Encryption will be done using PKP/Lit Actions through LitProtocol as well as the Account Abstraction offered through PKP/Lit Actions.

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