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A peer-to-peer mobile payments app inspired by Pepe's vision of a world without payment related middlemen.


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


WalletConnect - Best integration of the Web3Modal Mobile SDKS 1st Place


Waku - Best Overall use of Waku


Arx - Best HaLo Use 3rd Place


Aave Grants DAO - Best GHO stablecoin integration 1st Place

Project Description

Globally card processing fees typically cost merchants between 1.5% to 3.5% per transaction, including minimum transaction fees that limit the viability of small payments. This sliding percentage fee is also based on transaction throughput with smaller merchants paying the highest fees. Enter PePay, the mobile-first crypto to fiat payment app that executes payments seamlessly, and at a fraction of the costs discussed above.

PePay features biometric payment security, NFC linked payments, secure p2p comms, 4337 enhanced UX (paymaster), daily spend allowance limits as well as low/no cost off-ramping.

How it's Made

  • React Native was used for the mobile app
  • A ERC4337 account signing schema was extended to work with passkeys (biometric signing) and paymaster implemented for improved UX
  • A daily allowance module was added to the 4337 account to ensure stress fee daily payments
  • Private communication channels are setup between the customer and merchant using Waku
  • Arx chips are used to securely identify merchants, link redirecting and transferring payment information.
  • WalletConnect was used to connect a users wallet to our app
  • Monerium's SDK was used for crypto to fiat offramping in the payments flow
  • 1inch API was used to fetch customer portfolio balances
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