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A Decentralized Consultancy with earnings for expert and end users


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Project Description

The platform introduces an innovative approach to leveraging expertise and creating a sustainable marketplace for knowledge exchange. At its core, the concept centers around experts from diverse fields offering year-long time slots for users to engage in question-and-answer-based interactions. The primary goals are to empower experts to monetize their knowledge, deliver valuable insights to users, and establish a structured framework for information exchange.

Experts efficiently manage their time by dividing it into year-long slots, ensuring a structured schedule for accountability. Users can purchase these dedicated timeframes for personalized interactions, with a financial model involving the initial sale of time slots and subsequent royalties from process reselling, maximizing user value. A unique feature is the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) at the end of the 12-month period. The last process holder mints an NFT encapsulating the entire year-long interaction, granting the holder the right to view and potentially resell the conversation, adding significant value for users.

The platform employs a tax system for reselling, requiring process or orb holders to pay a monthly tax calculated as a percentage of the reselling price, as specified by the expert. This approach prevents hoarding by discouraging inactive holding or setting unrealistically high reselling prices, ensuring fairness and accessibility in the marketplace.

In summary, the platform offers a comprehensive ecosystem, facilitating expertise monetization, ensuring user satisfaction, and regulating the reselling market. With features like year-long time slots, NFT creation, refunding systems, and a tax mechanism, the model establishes a symbiotic relationship between

How it's Made

Introducing the tax system presented a formidable challenge, demanding thorough research to optimize the protocol for public usability. Additionally, the implementation of this tax system introduced complexity to the system design, often causing deep-stack errors and necessitating a comprehensive restructuring of the entire protocol.

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