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Peerio is a DeSci-application that allows people to submit scholarly articles, which must be peer reviewed as a form of consensus.


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Project Description

Some of the main problems with the current peer review process are plagiarism, limited and small review groups, lack of input from other researchers who may be working on research that is relevant and meaningful to reference, unnecessary duplication of efforts, and a need to get others to validate and replicate research findings.

Peerio aims to provide a solution for these problems. It's an app that allows users to earn by uploading and reviewing research papers.

How does it work?

  • Reputation adds trust to the review process
  • Peer reviewers are rewarded FIL tokens for participation
  • To ensure honest activity - reputation (value between 0 & 1) is multiplied by Maximum payout. ( rep = pay)
  • Peer Reviewers will win or lose reputation based on the accuracy of their review

How it's Made

Peerio is made from React, IPFS,, Tableland, and runs on the FEVM. Our smart contract is coded in Solidity which handles all of the backend for our peer review process of voting and peer review proposals. When a file is uploaded it is stored through IPFS's interface in a decentralized manner. This was done using Protocol Lab's service We also used Tableland to save information about the article while the actual file is stored on

  • Front-end: Js/React, MUI
  • Backend: smart contract on FEVM (Wallaby), Ethers, Hardhat, Web3.Storage, & Tableland DB
  • Hosting: Netlify

Design prototype: Pitch Deck:

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