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Peer 'n' Pay

Peer'n'Pay is an easy to use mobile wallet app, which aims to fully abstract the technical blockchain part away from the user.

Peer 'n' Pay

Created At

HackFS 2023

Winner of


2️⃣0️⃣ Push Protocol — Top 20


🏊‍♂️ ENS — Integration Prize

Project Description

Experience the future of seamless communication and financial transactions with Peer'n'Pay! This cutting-edge application, designed for crypto enthusiasts and novices alike, is set to revolutionize digital interactions.

Peer'n'Pay harnesses the power of Next.js and Capacitor to deliver a cross-platform experience that transcends traditional boundaries. From web apps to native iOS and Android platforms, our solution is everywhere you need it to be. The core aim of Peer'n'Pay is to marry the convenience of popular chat apps like WhatsApp and Telegram with the ease of crypto transactions associated with services like PayPal or Venmo.

At the heart of our chat functionality is the Push protocol, which enables end-to-end encrypted communication using PGP. This ensures that your messages remain private and secure, no matter where they're sent. Signing up is a breeze with - simply use your email address or an existing wallet to join.

We understand the importance of personalisation in the crypto world. That's why Peer'n'Pay incorporates ENS name resolution and ENS avatars, enabling you to send messages or make transactions using the recipient's ENS name.

How it's Made

Our primary goal for Peer'n'Pay was to build a crypto chat app that is user-friendly and provides a seamless experience across different platforms - web, iOS, and Android. To achieve this, we used Next.js as our primary JavaScript framework, known for its versatility and efficient rendering capabilities. Additionally, to ensure native functionality on iOS and Android, we employed Capacitor, a cross-platform app runtime that allows us to use modern web technologies for multi-platform app development.

The chat functionality of Peer'n'Pay is built around the Push protocol. Push is an open standard for decentralized communication which allows for end-to-end encryption using PGP. This assures that user conversations remain private and secure, regardless of where they are sent.

For user authentication, we used provides passwordless login functionality, making it easier for anyone with an email address to join our service. It also allows users with an existing wallet to join, enhancing the accessibility of our app to crypto enthusiasts.

To further enhance the user experience, we integrated Ethereum Name Service (ENS) into our application. This allows users to use ENS names instead of complicated wallet addresses for transactions, making it as easy as sending a message. We also implemented ENS avatars, offering a layer of personalisation to our users.

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