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Keeping up to date with announcements from NFT communities is overwhelming. Through Pearl's mobile app, users can personalize their announcement experience and community managers can use Pearl to send secure messages via our wallet-to-wallet messaging protocol.


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ETHNewYork 2022

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🚀 Optimism — Just Deploy!


🔟 Polygon — Top 10


🏆 ETHNewYork Finalist

Project Description

Currently, web3 users are overwhelmed and struggle to stay up to date with the updates their communities publish. As a result, communities have low engagement and retention. We've built Pearl to solve this problem. The platform has three core parts: 1) A mobile inbox app that gives users granular control over announcement types received. The announcements are delivered based on wallet address to maintain user privacy. 2) A sender dashboard enabling community managers to verify their on-chain identity and craft messages. 3) a decentralized wallet-to-wallet message protocol

How it's Made

The most technically novel part of our hack was the wallet-to-wallet message protocol. We think it's very important for any web3-native communication system to be open and private, and found existing solutions to be lacking in one of these properties. Email in web2 satisfies both and we used SMTP as a base, customizing the open-source Haraka SMTP server via plugins. The primary modification was to resolve recipient addresses using smart contracts (that we deployed to Polygon and Celo testnets) rather than DNS records. ``More info about the technical design can be found here: For the mobile inbox app, we used Swift ``UI and Firebase. The sender dashboard was built using ``````````````Next````````JS, wagmi, Tailwind, Daisy`UI, Rainbowkit.

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