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Paymunity - a gasless community payment app, that aims to accelerat adoption by enabling everyone to send DAI without holding ETH.


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Project Description

Paymunity is meant to work for people, who are not into crypto. People who do not want to overcome several hurdles before being able to use the advantages of blockchain technology in their community. People who just need a working solution now to enable growth.

The focus of paymunity is buidling a community of individuals who can join and participate easily - the coffee cart guy from around the corner as well as the startup in the hipster place and your grandaunt Dorothea who gets her groceries delivered by that cute bike guy from next door.

The first phase of paymunity is enabling gasless transactions and making login easy. The second iteration is meant to include options to form communities through ENS domains: Having a community of friends, of work buddies, of like-minded individuals by registering subdomains in existing projects. In the final phase, paymunity enables the growth of economies by docking onto real-life, already existing communities

How it's Made

For the prototype, we used a simple react app for the frontend.

You can log into your wallet using OpenWallet and send regular Ether.

We also implemented the Biconomy SDK and our own Token "PMT" - we did want to use DAI but could not make it work with Biconomy, so instead, we opted to implement our own token ;)

Additionally, we build a Clickdummy that represents how Paymunity is supposed to work in the final iteration.

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