Patient Med Insurance

Medical prescriptions history recording & Automatic Claim Payment. As a patient fulfill prescription at pharmacy, it got recorded on Cloud for later referral, and Pharmacy providing it claims payment from patient's Insurance (a DAO) through Ethereum.

Patient Med Insurance

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Project Description

A patient goes to a pharmacy store to fulfill a prescription, the pharmacy will supply medicine and claim payment from Insurance Company. Pharmacy will issue and sign a Transaction and ask patient to sign it too through their smart phone. The multisigned Tx is to be sent to a a smart contract established prior between Pharmacy Company and Insurancer, the contract will validate credentials (patient and Physician), medication coverage, and make automatic payment Smart Contract will also record the electronic Health Record on the cloud and grant permissions to patient. Patient will be able to disclose their prescription information to other physicians in the future or be able to sell it at decentralized data markets to Big Pharma / Marketing companies etc. Insurancer can be a traditional company or a DAO Insurancer shall declare catalogs covering their program coverage, patients and doctors allowed, medication covered, but can't modify coverage during the period of insurance coverage. Insurance DAO. Its going to be a DAO which received initial ICO funding and monthly payment from anyone wanting to buy medicine insurance. The DAO will have to invest automatically the money received to cover for future payments and yield farming for stakeholders (as a traditional Insurancer will do)

How it's Made

Smart contract for Pharma and Insurancer shall be a factory contract allowing to instantiate a particular contract along their catalogs addresses. This contract shall validate the information before authorize payment and do the payment. This validation can be done using Tellor to access outside catalogs.

This contract shall record prescription information and grant permission to patient. Here a cloud solution can be use as IPFS or Aerweave. The interfase for writing to cloud to those could be through Chainlink or their proper cloud solution tools (to be investigated)

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