Parcel lets you send tokens or ether to multiple addresses in one transaction.


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Project Description

This project is made to add value to the users in the form of enriched user experience of DeFi protocols as well as gas savings through batched transactions.

Parcel lets users send tokens or ether to multiple addresses in one transaction. A user with ETH can swap it to any ERC-20 token supported by Uniswap V2 and send it to multiple addresses, all in one transaction.

Morever, Parcel is built to reduce friction between users and DeFi protocols by offering customised batched transactions for investing into Compound,Aave or swapping tokens through Uniswap, all in one batched transactions.

How it's Made

The core of Parcel lies in the efficiency of batched transactions to provide gas savings to the user and also reduce network congestion

A user calls the contract which runs a for loop of hashed function calls to be delegated to different implementations like aave, uniswap, compound, multi token.

In DeFI protocols, the approach for contract wallet was chosen to be able to provide much more features to the user like position switching through aave flash loans,etc but could not complete due to time constraints.

The idea of parcel is to not JUST use batched transactions to save gas but to be able to add value to the user by showing them what they want as opposed to intimidate them with different options.

Thus, Parcel batches transactions under the hood by swapping ETH to token via Uniswap V2 and transfers the resulting token amount to the receiver thereby hiding any abstraction.

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