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Project Description

substack has a set of problems in our opinion

creators need to be free to grow their community, so during the bootstrapping phase they have no revenue. then they go paywall, pushing out >95% of their followers. they're probably not happy about that, but they need to make the content exclusive to be able to get a revenue from their work and turn the hobby into a sustainable activity.

consumers give their time/attention, help grow the community by sharing, feedbacking, giving a reason to the creator to do his work. they are not rewarded for all of that

consumers also struggle to find the right newsletter. its hard when you discover a field to find the best content appropriate for the concept you're already familiar with

consumers also face a redundancy problem, they may read two or three articles on the same subject in hope to learn something new only to find out after reading the piece, they didn't learn anything.

we want to source collective intellect aka humain incentive based algorithms to solve that

How it's Made

We were working during the hackathon so we didn't have much time.

For that reason the stack is very much a draft and everything needs to be polished or redone, its just a poc that isn't even properly finished ...

We're using react (without typescript), lens api, draft-js and other 3rd party libs

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