Paladin is a governance lending protocol. This new money lego allows users to benefit from additional APY while helping governance activists user inactive voting rights.


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Project Description

This governance lending protocol was created in order to separate speculators and governance activists. On chain governance is not only an ideal but also a regulatory and economic necessity for the majority of decentralized protocols. We can enhance the reach of current users while giving utility to the current unused votes. Activating more votes while offering more yields is only the first brick of the protocol.

We will allow all unused voting power to be directed by the loaners, incentivizing them to vote, and progressively transforming them into activists. This concept can, and aims, to integrate all unused capital in loaning protocols. We will optimize capital efficiency on all governance tokens.

How it's Made

We use the delegate() function in order to loan voting power for decentralized protocol, hence creating a loaning protocol for votes without the risk of credit and the need of a collateral.

Because we only loan the voting right, we can use any token granting the voting power. More than the governance token, we can accept staked governance tokens (StkAave) or even indexes.

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