Simple tool for checking and creating new Uniswap V2 Pairs across multiple networks


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Project Description

This is the tool I wish existed when I was building on top of Uniswap V2 a number of weeks ago! It's a simple frontend for devs to check whether a Pair contract address exists for two given tokens. If not, there's the option to create it. The user can enter two token contract addresses and click "Find Pair!". If a Pair contract exists already, its address will be displayed. If it does not exist, the user will be asked whether they want to create it. With Metamask, the pair finder / pair creator features can be used on mainnet as well as other networks. If the token addresses are invalid, or an error occurs for any other reason, the error message will be displayed. Token addresses / pair address / error can be cleared by clicking the trash can. The user can view the 10 latest mainnet pairs via the Uniswap V2 subgraph, by clicking "Latest Pairs".

How it's Made

Made initially with create-eth-app. I expanded the React frontend and added a new script (Javascript) with methods to call the Uniswap V2 token Factory contracts (which have the same contract address on multiple networks). I have deployed the project to https://pair.eth using IPFS and ENS. I have added functionality so that the user can query the latest mainnet pairs via The Graph (existing Uniswap V2 subgraph).

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