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Project Description

A decentralized all in one social media app in which anyone can subscribe, follow, post and can do live streaming. A Person have to go for different apps for these activities but i am providing a decentralized application in which all these activities are there at one place.

Offer memberships and get paid via real-time streams of crypto. In return, your Owleee receive a real-time stream of your very own ERC20 token. Owleee also get an NFT key from Unlock Protocol that can be used to grant access to members-only benefits. Also, mint NFTs through your dashboard. Setup takes minutes. Get paid and build a community of Owleee.

How it's Made

Decentralised Services (Ether.js and communication with Smart Contract).

Smart Contracts (Owleee, Owleee ERC20, OwleeeNft, OwleeeTip, OwleeeForum) are deployed on Polygon Mumbai Testnet.

This project uses,

  • ReactJs to design the frontend and

  • Lens protocol for social media post, comments, follow, profile

  • Ceramic protocol for profile data

  • Liverpeer for live streaming

  • NFT IPFS storage and metadata.json and YES we are storing the NFT data on IPFS through


  • Creating tier (Lock) on Unlock-Protocol.

  • SuperFluid for membership streaming.

  • ApexChart for showing superfluid streaming data

  • Mining NFTs on NFT PORT API, easy minting

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